I just returned to school last week after spending 3 weeks in Colorado. Helen's grandmother has a ranch out there. The ranch is aging a bit; the house hasn't seen much maintainance recently. Helen and I made a habit of recording the things we fixed. Although it's incomplete and terse compared to my usual writeups, the list is reproduced below, for archival sake.

  • Removed broken window by the chicken coop
  • Repaired coop latch so the door closes easily
  • Replaced broken F350 taillight cover and bulbs
  • Partially pushed out a dent in the truck
  • Slightly improved on the hay hoist we built last year
  • Installed an electric winch to supplement the manual hoist


Yesterday, I went for a walk. Getting outside is always relaxing, and the town was beautiful in the dark, decked out for Christmas.

I also saw a broken electric radiator curbside. At least I hoped it was broken. On the way back home, I found the house again, hefted the thing onto my shoulder, and carried it a mile home. (I set it down too hard when I arrived and broke two of the casters. Now it was definitely broken.)

Hopeful, I plugged it into the wall, turned it on, and... nothing! Hooray! I had an excuse to take it apart. (The heater, by the way, is supposed to retail for $80. It's also got bad reviews, but hey. Free.)