My schedule for this semester!

Processing is a Java-based language, designed to create graphical interfaces. It's great for cobbling together neat visual effects.

The US, as seen by GOES-East

Python is a fun, simple language to write in. Without any extentions, Python excels at text manipulation, but modules such as Pygame extend Python to do almost anything.

World's worst RNG.

I've been working on a USA medallion recently, and wanted to add a flickering effect. Something to make the lights twinkle randomly. That's not too hard on a real PC, where resources are cheap. But the ATTiny 44 I'm working on has only 128 bytes of ram. (That's 1/8th of a kilobyte, which is 1/1000th of a megabyte, which is itself 1/1000th of a gigabyte, which is what your computer has.)

Most of the RNG's around need 4 bytes or so for storage, and more for calculation. Mine doesn't! (It's also not very random, but you can't have everything for free.)

Just a little kludge

[ben@Puck ~]$ curl -ff && find Public/iTunes\ Music -iname "*`curl`*.*" -exec open -a itunes '{}' \;

Nothing much - just a script that I threw together in 30 minutes. If you speak computer, it'll be simple enough to read. But it's going to be a secret for now.