July 26th - Sweepity doo dah

Sleeping out under the stars. Always nice, especially with a warm sleeping bag. Irrigated lawn notwithstanding, we are in a desert.

Rachel and I swept today (we were in back with the spare tire and medkit). In the morning, that meant we had to stop every few miles - someone had to take off a jacket that made more sense in the morning cold, some had flats. The state line was at mile 7, if I recall, and became our fourth stop. Fortunately, people started moving faster after the line; aside from Erin having continuing tire trouble, we didn't see much more till lunch. Robin and Alex both wound up in the van today; Robin's blood sugar was misbehaving, and Alex was just plain tuckered. 

It was a good day. Especially because every time we pulled over, Rachel started singing, then hollering "today is gonna be a good day."